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The beauty spy: three favourite summer scents

Your Beauty Spy is faithful to all the men in her life but frivolous when it comes to scent, which is lucky, because there are some great new ones out in time for summer.

Chanel No. 5 was 90 years old last month, just five years older than Marilyn Monroe, who made it the most globally recognisable perfume ever. Monroe, who claimed to sleep in nothing but a splash of Chanel No. 5, would have been 85 on May 31. I first wore Chanel No. 5 in my twenties as I adore Marilyn and find anything in that black-and-white box irresistible.

But, unlike many women, I am not faithful to one particular scent. A French actress I interviewed once told me she had been wearing the same Lanvin perfume (Arpège) since she was 18. "A boyfriend gave it to me. I wasn't faithful to him, but I was faithful to his perfume," she said. How French is that?

Your Beauty Spy is faithful to all the men in her life but frivolous when it comes to scent, which is lucky, because there are some great new ones out in time for summer. I have picked my favourite three and they are all very different and captivating in their own ways.

For everyday wear I am going for Carolina Herrera CH L'Eau. This is an extremely girlie perfume, which you can see from the pretty pink packaging. It smells almost like a sweet, but happily that tones down after a few seconds. It is a fresh, lively and delicate kind of scent that puts you in a good mood. I am also told it is aimed at the younger consumer, so I feel instantly youthful when I spray it on.

For a night out, though, I will be covering myself in Le Parfum by Elie Saab. Again, it has a very feminine style, and I am in love with the elegant cut-glass bottle. However, this one is slightly more sophisticated and a little deeper than the frivolous Herrera one. It has a floral theme and is therefore ideal for summer. While exuding notes of orange blossom, white flowers and rose honey, it has a slight hint of woodiness that brings it down from a high-pitched girlie scent.

If I need to show some sassy independence, I opt for Solo Loewe, which is actually for men, but I love it. I adore its dusky undertones of citrus and lavender, and the square, plain bottle and the masculine leather pouch it comes in. It has a more Arabic feel to it than the other two, reminiscent of oud. It's ideal for the hard-nosed businesswoman in a man's world. Spray a bit of this on before the boardroom meeting and you really will be treated like one of the boys.

But when it comes to going to sleep, there's nothing like a spritz of Chanel No. 5 to ensure you have sweet dreams.


3 of the best

Concealers to suit your complexion as well as your skin tone

SEPHORA JET LAG CARGO CONCEALER, DH131 Dark under-eye circles are a thing of the past with this creamy concealer. It works to reduce puffiness, and its pliable formula means no tell-tale streaks. The result: a flawless, brighter eye area.

BOBBI BROWN CORRECTOR AND CREAMY CONCEALER, DH115 A new beauty staple. This formula gives you quick, perfect coverage and works on everything from sun spots to broken capillaries. It's rich and creamy without being thick so it goes on easily and blends smoothly with minimal effort.

CLINIQUE AIRBRUSH CONCEALER, DH125 A handy pen-sized applicator means that it's simple to use and is easily applied to the specified area. No blemish is left uncovered.


M loves


One of the latest anti-ageing super serums to cause a stir over the beauty counters is the Australian brand ATP Swiss Apple Stem Cell. It is said to combat the multiple signs of ageing by reversing skin cell damage, protecting cell longevity and accelerating cell renewal, so we would be silly not to give it a try. A sinks-in-fast dry oil, it includes the key ingredient of a stem cell extract from a rare Swiss apple. Just a few drops is enough to cover your face and neck, and after a week of usage we can say that our skin is gloriously soft and supple with that refreshed "just been away" look. The comments in the office are worth the price alone.

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