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The beauty spy: mascaras

Long, luscious lashes are easy with these simple tips.

I have a friend who never travels anywhere without two things; lip gloss and mascara. "That way," she says, "if I ever get stranded on top of a mountain I can be sure to look decent when the rescue team arrives." A mobile phone to call the rescuers might be more useful, but I agree with the principle. The first thing anyone else sees is your eyes, and the second is probably your lips, or at least they will be if you're sporting lashings of lip gloss.

Women who use mascara say they feel "naked" without it, and I am in that camp. My eyes seem to me to look small and half-asleep before I've applied my daily dose of the magic wand. I am pleased to say that mascaras are getting better and better, almost rendering the need for false eyelashes redundant unless I am going to a fancy-dress party as Bambi. There are a couple of new ones on the market I am particularly fond of. They are quite different and vary a bit in cost too. The first one is the Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara, which plumps lashes up to 200 per cent. OK, so that's what it says on the box, but it really is amazing stuff. I love the way it goes on effortlessly and utterly transforms my eyes into wide-awake jewels within seconds.

The other new one is for evening wear; it is by Giorgio Armani and is called Eyes to Kill Lash Stretching Mascara. As the name suggests this one is all about stretching your lashes, elongating them into gorgeous fluttering tools with which to flatter your prey.

Of course the key is not to end up with your lashes stuck together, or covered in unattractive clumps. All you need to do is wiggle your mascara brush. It is all about motion, when applying mascara wiggle the wand from left to right at the base of your eyelashes. Remember it is the mascara you put at the base, near to the roots, that gives the impression of length and depth. Next pull the wand through your lashes, constantly wiggling as you go to separate the lashes.

Once this is done, close your eye and pull the mascara wand through the top of the lashes to remove any clumps. Easy peasy. Don't forget that if you are applying more than one layer, you need to do so before the previous layer dries, or you will end up with clumps. The other top tip for the longevity of your mascara is not to do that pump action thing because it lets too much air into your mascara, which dries it out. If you feel like you want it all (and who doesn't?) then follow a top tip from make-up artists and apply one layer of lengthening mascara before one layer of thickening. Magic!


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