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The beauty spy: Beach beauty

Get your body ready for the summer with these professional tips.

As the summer season gets serious and the back-of-the-drawer bikini is pulled out, you know it's time for the annual body blitz. Thanks to the many celebs from Gywneth Paltrow to the newly toned Princess Beatrice flaunting their perfectly trim, detoxed, glowing skin in swimwear no larger than dental floss, gone are the days of covering up sins in a sarong. But before we weep into our Cadbury bar and consider cancelling that beach holiday, I say not so fast. It's simply time to bring in the professionals.

Streamlining your silhouette is what the therapists at Eternal MedSpa do best. Their revolutionary treatment machines - VelaSmooth Pro and the Venus New Life system - promise to help contour the skin, reduce cellulite and shrink the size of fat cells. The VeloSmooth Pro gives a deep lymphatic drainage massage that smoothes hips and thighs. Although not for the fainthearted - it feels like a naughty child pinching your skin - it's not painful and there is immediate circumference reduction of the area.

If you are concerned about sagging skin, then invest in a course of Venus New Life; a non-invasive treatment for skin tightening and lifting with no recovery time. For best results, book a six-session course of both treatments.

If you have been inspired to hit the gym, be sure to sport Puma BodyTrain trainers. Those in the know at Puma claim that "with a rocker shape design, BodyTrain activates leg muscles an average of 11 per cent more than traditional walking shoes". Their soles are made from LunarLite foam (introduced at the 2008 Olympics), which provides greater stability for your foot, and the shoes' arched positioning makes your muscles work harder.

Having firmed your figure before your holiday, keep it in great shape with Shiffa's Energising Body Oil, rich in decongesting and slimming extracts of fennel and ginger, or Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream, packed with cellulite-busting ingredients.

When it comes to hair, the key word is "smooth", as a quick leg shave or a DIY bleaching session will not a beach goddess or poolside beauty make. If you haven't cottoned on to the wonders of laser hair removal and months of stubble-free skin, now's the time. Book a full-body laser hair removal session at Silkor or Kaya clinics and nicking your legs with a Bic razor will be a thing of the past.

If all this fails to instill beach body confidence, there is something fabulously glamorous about the new Bobbi Brown Almost Bare Collection. The bronzing powder and high-shimmer lip gloss both look great with a tan - and ideally a Pucci kaftan.


3 of the best

Dream of exotic far-flung places with these zesty summer shower gels

KORRES MANGO SHOWER GEL, Dh53 Slather on this fruity gel, close your eyes and breathe. Sweet mango scents with moisturising aloe vera will have you dreaming of the tropics in no time.

L'OCCITANE PLUM BLOSSOM SKIN MOISTURE GEL, DH129 Inspired by the fragrant plum blossoms in Provence, France, this velvety and nourishing gel melts into the skin to leave a silky softness.

BATH & BODY WORKS COUNTRY CHIC SHOWER GEL, DH45 Packed with ingredients that could be in a pudding such as vanilla orchid, juicy apple and sparkling lemon, this gel used in your daily shower will give you a revitalising lift.


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NEW ZEALAND PAUA ABALONE HAND CREAM Sun damage, air conditioning and dish washing - you name it and our hands are exposed to it every day. This leads to seriously dry skin that needs a lot of heavy cream to keep it remotely soft. This hand cream is made from what is more commonly known as sea snails and delivers just the right amount of moisture. It left our hands feeling velvety soft without any greasiness.

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