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Style File: Rowena Bird

The co-founder of Lush cosmetics shares a few of her favourite things.

Rowena Bird with her pet parrot, Mary.
Rowena Bird with her pet parrot, Mary.

Like the Lush handmade cosmetics company she co-founded in 1995, Rowena Bird is a pioneer in the British beauty industry. Bird has overseen Lush's transformation from kitchen table project to worldwide phenomenon, taking it from its original location in Poole, Dorset, to more than 700 locations, including the UAE. As product inventor, Bird travels the world in search of ingredients to add to the Lush array, which is already a heady blend of organic fruits and vegetables that are pulverised and hand-assembled to create some of the world's leading natural cosmetics. Ethical as well as innovative, Lush does not test on animals and has a strict "no plastic bags" policy. A fervent explorer, Bird believes in the power of excess, a conviction she says is behind the brand's success. "Lush means green, excess of nature, excess of love - it's a perfect summation of our ethos. Without an excess of everything, it wouldn't be the brand that it is today," she says.

When not conjuring up Willy Wonka-esque concoctions or organising the annual Midsummer Lush Fest, Bird can be found whizzing around the British countryside in her pearl pink Porsche 356. She lives with her husband and pet parrot, Mary, in Poole. Bird talks to Polly Sweet about her likes and loves.



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