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Stay cool in the summer

Worried about how to stay cool and stylish this summer? Help is at hand.

Worried about how to stay cool and stylish this summer? Help is at hand. Ivana Mazic, a Dubai-based fashion stylist and personal shopper extraordinaire, shares her 10 top tips to beat the heat with M?. 1. Swap your little black dress for a little white one: slip it over a T-shirt, wear it alone for a stroll along the shore or opt for an elegant version for the evening. White will always keep you cooler than black.

2. Invest in a reversible bikini: two suits in one. Start off with a darker tone, then change it after a couple of days to show off your summer tan. 3. Wear a headscarf: humidity is not only bad for your hair, but it can ruin your hairstyle too. Tie your hair up with an Hermès scarf or any brand as long as it is silk. It's a chic look that protects you from the heat as well as keeping your locks under control.

4. Wear colourful flats: if you want to be stylish but comfortable, invest in a pair of fabulous colourful flats and wear them with cropped jeans and a striped top. They can also be a stylish alternative to beach sandals. 5. Safari style is back: for a twist on desert cool, mix muted hues with hippie accessories. Think beige jumpsuits or linen dresses with cotton scarves and fringed bags. 6. Long cotton dresses are always chic for summer: everyone is wearing them now; Angelina Jolie is the queen of the maxi-dress. They are romantic and flattering to most body shapes and very comfortable in the hot weather.

7. Go asymmetric: wear a one shoulder Grecian-style silk dress for a stylish summer evening out. 8. Have one piece of tribal jewellery in your collection: tribal influences are impacting fashion this year. Accessorise yourself with jewellery made with beads, wood and bones - just don't overdo it. 9. Wear funky hair accessories: instead of putting your hair into the same old ponytail, use dainty clips or brightly coloured chunky crocodile clips depending on how expressive you feel.

10. Go floral: silk floral dresses are a lovely way to stay cool, and they look great on most body types. Flower accessories are also big this summer: try them in your hair, on your scarves or even on a summer bag. Ivana Mazic can be reached at ivana_mazic@yahoo.co.uk, 050 255 4051

I don't think I know a single person who doesn't get the occasional craving for an order of McDonald's french fries. However, those of us who watched Supersize Me know that we are better off resisting the temptation. I have a simple way to satisfy the craving, and spare myself the guilt: baked fries. Take a small potato and slice it into pieces about 8cm long and 1cm thick. Brush the potatoes with a thin layer of egg white to help your fries to turn crisp and golden. Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray and spread out the potatoes so that each is lying flat. Lightly salt and bake (flipping occasionally) in an oven at 200C for about 45 minutes or until crisp. Another tasty alternative is giving sweet potatoes seasoned with paprika the same treatment. Delicious. Kerri Abrams

McDonald's fries (medium): 380 calories 19g fat Baked fries: 153 calories 0.2g fat