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Smart dressing is still important

If you want to dress comfortably, you don’t have to wear your pyjamas to work. We have a gazillion fashion outlets that provide multiple options, writes Sarah Khamis Al Alawi

Dressing properly is a never-ending issue; I can’t understand why some people aren’t able to dress right for the right occasion. They have to understand that dressing to go to the gym isn’t like dressing to go to work; dressing to go swimming is not like dressing for going out.

When I’m at home, I can be relaxed in my pyjamas or wear any of my favourite dresses, but when I come to work, I dress modestly and cover up with my abaya. There are people who don’t understand that there’s an outfit for every occasion – and by occasion, I don’t just mean to go to a party or to go to work; I mean in every event that is happening in our lives.

Fashion is out there, it was made for everyone, it was prepared to help us dress the right way, and fashion consultants were created to help those who lack the experience in dressing the right way according to the occasion and their body shape.

One day I came to work and saw one of my colleagues dressed in an outfit that looked very much like a sloppy pair of pyjamas. I thought it was strange. I mean, if you want to dress comfortably, you don’t have to wear your pyjamas to work. We have a gazillion fashion outlets that provide multiple options for ready wear made from different comfortable fabrics.

It’s nice to be confident in your own skin. I love it when I see people both satisfied and confident with themselves – everyone should be. But at the same time, everyone should be careful when it comes to how they dress in public, because it creates a certain image. This image generates a perception in people’s minds about who you are.

You are what you wear and what you wear is what we see. I could write a thousand words about this subject, but whether you believe it or not, it’s a fact.

Look at Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed: when he speaks in public and when he travels to foreign countries, he will dress in his fitted niche suit. He doesn’t wear his shorts and his comfortable, soft T-shirt, because he’s the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the UAE and he must look polished and prominent to gain respect from others.

I know we aren’t all ministers, let alone the Minister of Foreign Affairs, so why should we care? But, ultimately, Sheikh Abdullah is just a regular guy and it’s the way that you present yourself to others that makes you appear more or less important.

By loving and respecting yourself and dressing better, others will also love and respect you more. Look at the positive side, look at yourself; your moments to shine will be more complete with the perfect outfit.


Sarah Khamis Al Alawi is the online social media editor at The National and also has her own international couture fashion line for girls.