Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 9 July 2020

Skydive Dubai’s gyrocopter is now available for summer flights over the city

Enjoy the sunrise with an early morning flight across the city

Gyrocopter flights are now available over Dubai during the summer. Courtesy SkyDive Dubai
Gyrocopter flights are now available over Dubai during the summer. Courtesy SkyDive Dubai

Should you glance up in Dubai and see a small, two person aircraft flitting across the sky, it's because Skyhub Dubai’s gyrocopter is now open for the summer.

Available for trips four days a week – Wednesday to Saturday - the flights are a perfect way to enjoy the Dubai sunrise and the cooler morning temperature, as all flights will operate between 6.30am and 9 am only, depending on weather conditions.

Every trip is in a two seat gyrocopter, flying at fifteen hundred feet, and piloted by one of Skyhub Dubai’s specialist pilots. The low altitude flight makes it the ideal way to get a bird's eye view of the city.

Available as three different packages, guests can enjoy a twelve minute flight across the Palm Jumeirah for Dh400. Option two offers a longer, twenty minute flight for Dh700, taking in the Burj Al Arab, Ain Dubai and the Palm, while the adventurous will enjoy the third option, which flies over all of the above, plus the World Islands and Kite Beach and costs Dh999.

The gyrocopter has strict age and weight restrictions to maintain a safe flying environment, so guests must be at least seventeen years old, and can weigh no more than one hundred and five kilograms. In addition Skydive Dubai has installed safety procedures to safeguard visitors and staff against the spread of Covid-19.

All bookings must be made in advance, and payment is only via contactless systems. Everyone arriving at the dropzone will be temperature tested, and customers are asked to observe two metre social distancing at all times. To help keep numbers to a minimum, once a customer's activity is completed, they must gather their belongings and exit the premises. All photographs and videos will be sent via email.

For customers holding vouchers that expired during Covid-19, Skydive Dubai has now confirmed they can now be redeemed at anytime until the end of the year.

Updated: June 12, 2020 05:46 PM



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