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Shah Rukh Khan thanks Twitter followers in a unique way

We also share our five favourite SRK tweets of all-time

Shah Rukh Khan speaks at Davos. EPA
Shah Rukh Khan speaks at Davos. EPA

As a thank you to his 33 million followers, Shah Rukh Khan filmed himself diving underwater, fully dressed in a three-piece tuxedo.

"This is me, and I thought that every time we reach a big number I should always do something special for you, but I normally don't get the time."

He goes on to film himself underwater while soundbites from his movies over the decades play in the background.

The Bollywood star is very active on his social media platforms and regularly interacts with fans. He holds impromptu #askSRK sessions where people can tweet their questions and he does his best to answer them.

During the last #askSRK session he made one Twitter user's dreams come true.

@Iam_Shahid10 tweeted "Sir my GF told me if SRK replies only then will I accept your proposal."

Shah Rukh Khan replied "There are no conditions in love."

Here are five other of our favourite SRK tweets

His very first tweet back in 2010:

In reply to someone asking for his mobile number:

On being asked for his hand:

On being asked to assist in securing a date for prom:

On being asked if he prefers himself with or without a beard:


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