x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 28 July 2017

See a (free) movie

The weekly screenings at the Cultural Foundation offer a mix of art house fare and recent Hollywood blockbusters.

Yes, we know watching a film at a place called the Cultural Foundation sounds about as much fun as playing Guitar Hero in a library, but trust us it's not that bad. The weekly screenings, a mix of art house fare and recent Hollywood blockbusters, are free and the seats are comfortable. The foundation is on Airport Road in Abu Dhabi between Hamdan and Elektra. To find out what's playing visit www.adach.ae for times or call 02 621 5300. There is also a nice cafe inside the foundation where you can get a drink before or afterwards. Not to mention some of the cultural displays are worth browsing if you get there early.

If you're fed up with a sandwich at your desk and fancy a "proper" lunch, Le Royal Meridien's Soba noodle bar is offering a three-course businessman's lunch for Dh65 per head (excluding service and taxes). It wasn't exactly heaving with businessmen - or indeed anyone else - when we went last week, which might account for the place's slight airport lounge feel. Still, the soba noodle salad starter was pleasant enough, and the main courses of Pad Thai and chicken teriyaki were very good (there was also a fish dish). Portions are small, so there's plenty of room for the extraordinary ice cream tempura (yes, it's ice cream and it's deep-fried). If you fancy something to drink, stick with water: two mint lemonades added a whopping Dh69.60 to the bill. We could have fed another businessman for that. Open from 12.30-3pm for lunch. Call 800 0441 2604.

Like many, I am not the biggest fan of eating my veggies. Sure, if you throw some French onion or spinach dip in front of me to coat them with, I am happy to oblige. Otherwise, forget it. Those dips taste good for a reason though: they are packed with calories and fat. For years I have been making my own dip (combining fat-free sour cream with Lipton Onion Dip mix) which is guilt-free and allows me to enjoy my veggies (not to mention, it takes about as much effort to make as to open the container of the 'real stuff'). *Kerri Abrams The real deal Marie's Roasted French Onion Dip Calories: 100 (per 2 tbsp serving) Fat: 10g (3g saturated) The new deal Knudsen Fat Free Sour Cream + Lipton Recipe Secrets Onion Recipe Soup & Dip Mix Calories: 38 per 2 tbsp serving (30 from sour cream + 8 from the onion mix) Fat: 0g