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Personal grooming is not limited to your razor, gentlemen

The Beauty Spy Products for men to keep ageing at bay and more grooming tips to keep looking your best.

When I suggested to my husband that he use some moisturiser, his response was "Can I drink it?" He is of a certain age and has got this far in life without using a single skincare product, so why should he start now?

The old-fashioned way of thinking is that because men shave, they exfoliate daily and therefore there really isn't much need for anything else. What? So why is my side of the bathroom packed with serums, eye cream, sun cream, primers and more that I can never find my toothbrush? I think it's time to educate the men in our lives, before they age beyond recognition.

Start with the basics - let's not overwhelm the poor loves - which are much the same as they are for us. Cleanse and moisturise. You could invest in some very masculine-looking Clinique Liquid Face Wash, which comes in a black tube and will not affect his macho image. I also love the Clarins range for men; I guarantee if you introduce him to it, he will soon be hooked on the ClarinsMEN Super Moisture Balm, a lovely thick cream that nourishes your skin. If you think he will use it, invest in some of the ClarinsMEN Line Control Cream too, but that might be going a tad far for most, at least until they have got in touch with their inner metrosexual.

Readers of a sensitive nature should look away now. We're going deep into the realms of things you probably would not discuss in polite company. Nose hairs. Yuck. Yes, all men have them, but they are not acceptable. They need to go. The most popular option is to have them waxed; a barber can do it. Basically he whizzes a wax-covered Q-tip around the interior of the nose and out they come. A more permanent option is to visit somewhere such as the Silkor clinic and have them lasered. This is not pain-free, but at least after two or three goes it is over, for life.

Most men could also use help with their nails. I suppose a manicure is beyond most of them, but now it really is not seen as namby-pamby as once it was. I'm not suggesting they go for a colour to match their shirts, but a nice clear varnish will make all the difference. There is no point in having beautifully cleansed and moisturised skin if your nails look like you've been digging carrots all day.


3 of the best

It's a close shave with these men's razors

GILLETTE M3 POWER, DH62 Battery powered to give a closer shave, this is a comfortable razor that glides effortlessly over the skin. Top marks in passing the stubble test.

BOOTS BLADE 5, DH45 Boasts not only battery power but also five blades plus a precision trimmer to get to those hard-to-reach places.

SCHICK QUATTRO TITANIUM, DH19.95 The skin-smoothing gel strip on this four-bladed razor makes friction and afterburn things of the past. A hard-working grooming goodie.


M loves

Scent of a man

It's time to bin the Brut and spritz your man with this woody, spicy and deeply sultry cologne. Launched last year, it is a firm handshake of a fragrance - it spices up rugged skin with birch leaf and cardamom, then dries down to reveal perfectly blended rich woods and musky notes. And the new fragrance muses for this sporty scent? Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, of course. No complaints here.

Boss Bottled Night, Dh289 for 100ml, available at all major beauty counters across the UAE