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Office glamour

The Nail Spa in Al Wahda Mall has begun offering a “Desk Side Revival” service that allows a working woman to fit her beauty maintenance regimen around a busy schedule. Hala Khalaf and Felicity Campbell had to try it to believe it

A selection of nail polishes from The Nail Spa. Sammy Dallal / The National
A selection of nail polishes from The Nail Spa. Sammy Dallal / The National

Someone, somewhere, once said that if your nails are manicured and polished, your shoes are decent and your hair looks like you might have run a brush through it sometime in the past week, then it doesn’t really matter what you’re wearing or how dark the circles under your eyes are – you’ll still look put together enough to pass a once-over.

Whoever that someone is, they didn’t take into account just how hard it is to keep nails looking fresh and chip-free. Who has the time to paint a fresh coat on and sit still long enough for that shiny varnish to dry? Let alone the time needed to get rid of those pesky hairs on your upper lip, or tame those flyaway eyebrows, or deal with the wide-open pores begging for a facial – everyday responsibilities mean that ladies rarely find the time to luxuriate in a pampering session.

So imagine our surprise to hear that a well-loved spa in town – The Nail Spa in Al Wahda Mall – has begun offering a Desk Side Revival service that allows a working woman to fit in her beauty regime around a busy schedule. The spa’s beauty technicians show up at your office, without disrupting your schedule, and work away in the background as you continue taking those calls.

The set-up

Our friendly therapists arrived in full spa uniform and with compact trunks on wheels. They asked for five minutes to set up. Once they were finished, we walked into a previously dull, bare office that had been transformed into a little corner of spa tranquillity, complete with tablecloths, fluffy towels and small tables for the equipment, as well as stools for the therapists to sit on.

The experience

It took almost no time for us to feel as if we were magically transported away from the busy demands of the office and into a little world of relaxation. After choosing our respective colours from the varied selection of nail varnish, we sat back with our herbal teas for a fun chat, which we had to put on pause for a second when our eyes involuntarily closed as the delightful head, shoulder and neck massage began, simultaneously with the manicure. The massage was delightfully firm and the rigours of the office soon started seeping away.

The result

Nails glistening and clean, knots banished from between our shoulder blades, we were refreshed and adamant to become regulars of the in-office service.

The verdict

The service is impeccable and the staff are professional and discreet. We took the experience as an opportunity to let loose and enjoy updating one another on office gossip; the technicians didn’t bat an eyelid, no matter how outrageous we got. The feeling of privacy, and that we had stepped away from it all for a little while, was much appreciated.

The catch

You can’t exactly continue working – if, say, your work involves typing on a computer or serving a customer – while simultaneously getting a massage, or getting your nails painted. But we could get straight back to work as our nails dried and we didn’t need to worry about lunchtime traffic or contending with a parking ticket. One thing, though: it’s a little disconcerting to sit there having your nails done in full view of your colleagues. We opted to hide away in an unused room for our spa-like experience. We’d recommend you do that, too.

The choice

There are various services available for the office, but The Nail Spa is happy to offer tailor-made packages. There are even services for gentlemen, from head, neck and shoulder massages to manicures or reflexology treatments. Nothing is impossible; from makeshift beds for massages and facials, to full pedicure stations to get those feet looking acceptable, the staff can do it.

The tip

Too swamped at work to find the time for a Desk Side Revival, or too shy to get beautified in front of your colleagues? The Nail Spa is happy to come to your home as well, and the staff are ready to offer any service from their spa menu – just tack on an additional Dh30 per service. We can already see ourselves having our girlfriends over for some fancy canapés and glitzy manicures, maybe with some Kardashians on the TV to round things off nicely.

The suggestion

We urge every company to get in touch with The Nail Spa and arrange treatment packages. Employees will be forever grateful.

• To book your treatment, email desksiderevival@nailspa.ae or call 02 642 3444. Visit www.thenailspa.com