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My Favourite Things: Valtteri Bottas

The Mercedes F1 driver Valtteri Bottas won his first Abu Dhabi F1 race on Sunday

Valtteri Bottas. Steve Etherington / Getty Images
Valtteri Bottas. Steve Etherington / Getty Images

My favourite city is Melbourne. It has a nice vibe and the people are very friendly. The best part about it is it has a lot of nature. I love how the beaches and parks are close by.

My favourite meal is steak. I like it simple and barbecued with just a little bit of vegetables.

My favourite band is Red Hot Chili Peppers. I listen to their music when I want to be lifted up. But I don’t listen to music all the time. I love the sound of nature and I love hearing that stillness when I go for a run.

My favourite fashion item is my watch. So now I am an ambassador with IWC Schaffhausen and part of that was I got to see and appreciate the engineering that goes into these kinds of watches. I do see parallels with that, with the watch world and Formula 1 racing, in that both sides work hard to find new materials to make the product better.

My favourite part of the job is to simply drive an F1 car. I love racing, so to drive the fastest machines-ever is amazing. The bonus on top of that is you drive against some of the best drivers in the world.

My favourite piece of advice that I received is to trust yourself. I know it sounds simple but throughout my career there were times when I faced difficult moments, where I had to trust myself. When you do that, you feel good about yourself and gain some self-confidence to do amazing things.

My favourite thing about Abu Dhabi is how everything here works. As a tourist coming here people are very friendly and the facilities like restaurants and hotels are always great. Also as a driver I always come here in the best time of the year when it comes to the weather, so Abu Dhabi is always good to me.


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