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What's not to love?

For coping with the daily commute and cutting a dash on the roads, a 3-Series coupe is the perfect car.

Huwaida Tughar describes her BMW 325 Coupe as being the ideal car for her lifestyle.
Huwaida Tughar describes her BMW 325 Coupe as being the ideal car for her lifestyle.

Huwaida Tughar knows that her BMW 325 Coupe is just one of countless Beemers on the road in the UAE, but it is the perfect set of wheels for her lifestyle. "We call it Junior as it's like me - it's nice but it has some attitude," laughs Huwaida, who is originally from Libya but has been living in Dubai for two-and-a-half years working for a management consultancy company. While the BMW may only be a year old, Huwaida has already clocked up 15,000 kilometres. During the week, she uses her car to commute to the office, and during the evenings and weekends, the car is used to go out around town with friends. There have also been occasional road trips to Fujairah and beyond to keep the odometer ticking over.

Huwaida almost went down the 4x4 route when she was car shopping, but a love-at-first-drive moment changed everything. "It was a choice between a 4x4 or a sports car, and as soon as I drove this one I just loved the drive, I loved the feel of it and I loved how it looks," she says. "All in all it was just the right car for me, it has everything I want in a car - speed, performance and great looks."

The BMW has proved to be just as handy on the often unpredictable UAE roads. "I love the BMW because it's a great solid sturdy car and takes corners exceptionally well, which is important with the crazy drivers in Dubai," says Huwaida. "I can't think of any bad points about this car, but then again it is my car and I'm entirely biased!" While Huwaida appreciates that plenty of people get behind the wheel of high 4x4s in the UAE for practical reasons, she decided not to purchase a Beach Road tractor. "I ultimately decided against a 4x4 because I decided to choose performance and looks over convenience, and I just didn't quite feel that a 4x4 was quite 'me'," she says.

At the moment, Huwaida is also grateful for the practicality of the coupe's automatic transmission - it is certainly the friend of the driver who spends a lot of time stuck in stop-start traffic, and Huwaida has discovered that a clutchless car is also useful when you are nursing a broken foot. "I broke my left foot so that was handy!," she says, clearly relieved that her injury has not taken her off the road.

In a city where nobody bats an eyelid if there is a Ferrari in the supermarket car park, Huwaida is aware that a BMW 325 isn't going to cause too many jaws to drop. "Being in Dubai, people don't really react much to this one, unfortunately," she says. "I can imagine that anywhere else in the world it might turn a few heads, but not around this place." While she is very attached to Junior for the foreseeable future, Huwaida has automotive ambitions that she readily admits are currently out of her price range. "My dream car is an Aston Martin DB9, but sadly I don't think I could afford it right at the moment," she says.

"It's fast and amazing looking, and a superbly high-performance car. Driving that thing on the road must be like drinking a smooth cup of hot chocolate." In the meantime, however, Huwaida is more than happy to get around town in the eternally dependable BMW. "It's reliable, so far no problems, no breakdowns, and it looks great. What's not to love?," she says with a smile. And what about the soundtrack in her car? "It's a great feeling chilling out to some jazz in the morning or cruising to the sound of some house and R'n'B in the evening, with some friends in the back and the warm weather in this lovely emirate."