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Watch: The story of the half-million-dirham 1996 Honda Accord

An enterprising man looks set to make top dollar on his 20-year-old banger

A screenshot from the spoof car advert.
A screenshot from the spoof car advert.

As anybody who has navigated the perils of the second-hand car market in the UAE will know, flogging your old banger isn’t always a smooth road.

But one enterprising man from the United States looks set to make top dollar for a 1996 Honda Accord after using his video-making skills to produce a professional-looking, television-advert-style spoof film to showcase the car.

Max Lanman hired an actress to play his girlfriend, who is the owner of the car, named Greenie — although she was unavailable for comment on the implications of that particular decision on their relationship. The resulting video shows the car in panoramic shots around Los Angeles, with a movie-trailer voice-over.


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The Accord has clocked up a not-inconsiderable 225,000 kilometres and was original on sale for US$499 (Dh1,833), but has now hit bids of more than $135,000 on eBay in a listing that cheekily states that “luxury is a state of mind”. It also states: “Bug shield, rubber duckies and tape converter included. It has only two owners ever: me for the last 14 years and our neighbour who sold it to us.”

Whether the top bid will be honoured remains to be seen, but if you are in the market for a 20-year-old Honda and have half a million dirhams burning a hole in your handbag/manbag, you have four more days before the listing closes.

Watch the video below:

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