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Top 5: Motoring's five favourite James Bond chase scenes

Some of the best 007 pursuits throughout the years, whether in car or tank.

Ford Mustang in Diamonds Are Forever.
Ford Mustang in Diamonds Are Forever.


It's not exactly the most exciting car chase. But as Bond, played by Sean Connery, escapes with Tilly Masterson from Auric Goldfinger's warehouse complex, he's behind the wheel of the most famous Bond car of them all - the 1965 Aston Martin DB5. In this rather tame chase, Bond unleashes just about every gadget on the car, including a smokescreen, oil slick, machine guns, bullet shield and, most famously, the ejector seat. But even after all this, he gets tricked into capture when a mirror makes it look he's headed for an oncoming car.

Diamonds Are Forever

Bond, played by Connery again, is in Las Vegas after stealing a moon rover, and the police give chase. But he's driving Tiffany Case's 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 and literally drives circles around the inept cops. The chase ends when he heads down a dead-end street in what looks like certain capture, but Bond puts the Mustang up on two wheels and slips through a part in the walls. The police try the same trick but roll over; did they actually think they could out-Bond Bond?

The Spy Who Loved Me

A new Bond, and a new car: this time it's Roger Moore as the spy, and the car is the sleek and very British Lotus Esprit S1. Bond and his Russian counterpart, Anya Amasova, are racing away from henchmen and use the usual bag of tricks to escape. But to ditch a helicopter, Bond springs the ultimate surprise - he jumps into the sea and the Lotus turns into a submarine. Rockets take care of the chopper and other undersea killers. The duo then emerge cooly onto a beach, to the astonishment of the locals.

For Your Eyes Only

The one gadget that leaves him in a bind: Bond's car self-destructs as a henchman tries to break in. But he's on the run in Spain with Melina Havelock and needs a set of wheels. Lucky Melina brought her car along, too: a Citroen 2CV, possibly the unlikeliest of getaway vehicles. But Bond makes do, and this rollicking ride down a mountain road - and off it, and across it - displays Bond's quick reflexes and quicker wit. Look for his wry nod to the thugs chasing alongside.


Pierce Brosnan takes the famous role for the first time, and he announces his arrival with a bang. Actually, many bangs, crashes and explosions, in this chase through the streets of St Petersburg. Trying to save Natalya Simonova, Bond steals a Russian tank and tears through the city in chase of the kidnappers, destroying cars, lorries (including a trailer full of Perrier water) buildings and even a large statue. If you've ever wanted to see someone drift a tank, leave it to Bond. Oh, and of course he eventually saves the girl.