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Top 5: Green supercars

Motoring's rundown of the five best eco-friendly cars that can hold their own on the track.

Honda NSX.
Honda NSX.

Honda NSX

It was only ever a matter of time, wasn't it? After too long building cars that are reliable but as interesting as a row of tents, Honda needed to bring back the NSX to get us excited about the brand again. And it worked. The 1990 original set the template for everything that followed and the new one, unveiled in Detroit just a couple of weeks ago, not only looks bewitching but also supplements a mid-mounted V6 with an electric motor. It will be built in, of all places, Ohio, where the last version of the NSX was built.

Lightning GT

The UK-based Lightning Car Company's GT seems like it's been in development forever, but light is at the end of the tunnel, with the first batch of customer cars promised for delivery this year. It has classic supercar looks and has gone from having an electric motor behind each wheel to a twin motor set-up, and Lightning says that a superfast recharge will be possible in just 10 minutes, with the battery pack taking 10,000 recharges before replacement is necessary. With 400hp, it'll crack 100kph in under five seconds.

Koenigsegg CCXR

Voted by Forbes magazine as one of the 10 most beautiful cars of all time, the CCXR can run on standard petrol or ethanol biofuel. The benefit of using ethanol (produced using crop grain rather than fossil fuel) is that it cools the engine's combustion chambers, making for higher pressures in the cylinders. 0-100kph takes 2.8 seconds, 0-200kph is dealt with in just 8.9 and the company claims its top speed is more than 400kph. Any Koenigsegg is impressive; this one's the best.

Jaguar C-X75

Applause was heard throughout the world when Jaguar announced that this beauty would enter limited production. The concept car used battery and jet propulsion but the production one will make do with a more conservative hybrid system that utilises Kers technology. Green credentials aside, what the C-X75 will do for Jaguar is re-establish it at the forefront of supercar design. Apart from the XJ220, Jag has never built anything like this and, as a celebration of 75 years in the business, it's perfect.

Fisker Karma

Without doubt the most beautiful hybrid car ever, the Karma was always going to be a hit with those well-at-heel and motivated by conscience. Unlike the Tesla Roadster, it can seat four adults and was designed by none other than Henrik Fisker, who penned the sublime Aston Martin DB9. It uses a solar panel roof to recharge the batteries and even has recycled wood used for the interior trim. With more torque than a Veyron and fuel economy of 2.1L/100km, what's not to like?