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The return of BMW's Z4 roadster – in pictures

It is the latest in the German carmaker's lengthy 'Z' line of two-seaters

BMW has revealed its long-overdue new Z4, two years after the previous generation ceased production.

The design of the latest in the German carmaker's line of "Z" roadsters has proved somewhat divisive, though.

The anticipation had been building since last year, when the radical lines of the Z4 Concept, below, were presented to the public.

The BMW Z4 Concept at the Frankfurt motor show last year. AP
The BMW Z4 Concept at the Frankfurt motor show last year. AP

However, the production version of the new Z4 looks slightly more conservative, albeit significantly updating the previous generation.

In the M40i First Edition guise that you see in our gallery above, the drop-top two-seater is pushed along by a 340hp straight-six engine, and it will hit 0-to-100kph in a very creditable 4.6 seconds.

It will go on sale around the world in spring 2019, while further technical details and additional engine variants will be announced next month.

Scroll through our gallery to read more about the new Z4's features.


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