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The last great supercar? Lamborghini Aventador SVJ revealed – in pictures

The 760bhp beast set a new record for production cars – and is set to represent another for the Italian carmaker

Buried in the news that the lap record for Germany's Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit has been broken once again is a sneak-peek at the latest variant of Lamborghini's flagship Aventador, the SVJ.

The Nordschleife has long been a benchmark for proving production cars' mettle as the fastest on the planet, but this particular successful attempt revealed the SVJ to the world, albeit in natty camouflage livery of orange, black, grey and white.

The car could signal a significant final milestone for Lamborghini, with the 6.5-litre engine, which produces 760bhp, rumoured to be the last fully petrol V12 from the Italian carmaker before it moves into hybrid and electric powertrains.

The SVJ's performance-orientated aims are aided by upgrades to the steering, four-wheel-drive system and stiffness of the car over the Aventador SV, alongside much work on its aerodynamic efficiency.

In case you were wondering, that “J” stands for Jota, which has been used in the past by Lambo to denote its most track-focused production cars – and is, apparently, how the letter is pronounced in Italian (even though “J” is not part of the actual Italian alphabet, linguistic fans).

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The Aventador SVJ will be officially unveiled, presumably sans camouflage, next month at Monterey Car Week in California.

Oh and for the lap-record nerds, that time around the 20.6-kilometre Nordschleife was six minutes 44.97 seconds, a whole 2.27 seconds faster than the Porsche GT2 RS that previously held the mantle.


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