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The 350kp, 750hp Engler FF 'superquad' set to be launched in Dubai

The FF, which hits 100kph from standstill in 2.5 seconds, will be unveiled at the Dubai International Motor Show later this year

The Engler FF can be made to order as per the customer's needs. Courtesy Engler FF
The Engler FF can be made to order as per the customer's needs. Courtesy Engler FF

The Dubai International Motor Show is never short on impressive, pricey exhibits, but this November, something particularly remarkable is set to land on its stands. Indeed, the man behind the Engler FF, which is part supercar, part quad bike, has coined a genre for the vehicle: “superquad”.

Built in the United Kingdom, but conceived in Slovakia by the company’s chief executive, Victor Engler, the FF’s claimed vital statistics make for impressive reading: 750hp, 0 to 100kph in 2.5 seconds (that’s Bugatti Chiron/LaFerrari territory) and a top speed of about 350kph. It’s powered by a naturally aspirated 5.2L V10 – much like a Lamborghini Huracán – but weighs only 750 kilograms.

It’s set to be even more exclusive than the supercars it rivals in the speed stakes, too, with limited volumes of up to 50 vehicles per year, handmade from materials including carbon fibre, titanium and magnesium. Victor Engler tells us more.

How did the FF come about?

I've dreamed about building my own vehicle since I was a child. The idea to build a superquad came into my head 17 years ago. From the very beginning, I've had one clear vision: my vehicle must be unique. It must become a part of automotive history.

As time passed, new manufacturers were entering the super-vehicle market with fantastic ideas. It was harder to come up with a unique product, which would be original and desired by everyone. In 2000, the final decision was made - I would manufacture the world's fastest quad. I did a lot of research and studied [super-vehicle] design, engineering and aerodynamics, and in 2010, I started to create the perfect team. It took us another five years of very hard work to bring into existence what you see here now.

If you want to buy a supercar where purchasing price is not an issue, you go for a Pagani, Bugatti or Koenigsegg. But what if you already have these in your garage and you want something outstanding, something not many people have? We will manufacture a few vehicles every year and none of them will be same as the other. Each vehicle will represent its owner's personality and individuality.

Can you explain the FF’s engine and construction?

What will be same with every vehicle is its power-train – a naturally aspirated 5.2L V10. Every supercar manufacturer has the same goal, to achieve a power to weight ratio that is as equal as possible. Engler FF will offer the best you can get: 1:1. With the kerb weight of 750kg and the output of 750hp, we offer the F1 experience.

Customers will be able to choose any colour combination. Handlebar, pedals, paddle shifters and all visible controls will be made of titanium. The entire exhaust system is also made of titanium. We will build each vehicle for a particular customer [to order], so we will be in close communication during the whole manufacturing process. If a customer has any special requests, we will fulfil them.

Why ‘superquad’?

There is no vehicle category that the Engler FF falls into, so I have decided to create my own. The world’s fastest vehicles are called supercars, so the Engler FF is a superquad. I will be more than happy if other manufacturers will follow us.

When a new genre of vehicle is launched, sometime the biggest thing for potential customers to get their heads around is intended use – how does the FF fit into that?

Our superquad will do the same job as supercars do. It will be fully road-legal. The technology we have used allows its owners to drive it daily, but if you really would like to enjoy its abilities fully, take it on a race track and have fun. It will not be suitable for off-road driving.

Why did you select the Dubai motor show to launch the vehicle?

Dubai International Motor Show is in the country that represents perfection, exclusivity, uniqueness, latest technologies, magnificence and beauty. Our vehicle is superlative in every way, so I thought that it would be a good idea to connect the perfect country with the introduction of a perfect machine. Who knows, maybe we will sell the first superquad [in Dubai].

How much will the FF cost?

The entire vehicle is handmade from most exclusive materials. We are talking about super-vehicle category, so the price will reflect its image.

For more information, visit www.super-quad.com.

Updated: July 12, 2017 12:08 PM