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Take a look at the 'Abu Dhabi' Porsche 911

The restoration project, by California-based company Singer, has plenty of unique touches

Singer's 'Abu Dhabi commission'. Supplied
Singer's 'Abu Dhabi commission'. Supplied

Globally celebrated Porsche 911 restoration specialists Singer Vehicle Design has turned its attention to the UAE with one of its latest projects, which it has dubbed the “Abu Dhabi commission”.

While the car’s owner has requested anonymity and privacy regarding the exact details of the modified restoration, Singer has been teasing evidence online of the now-spotless 911 in all its shiny glory.

It appears to wield the 4.0-litre engine developed in collaboration between Singer and Formula One team Williams, as teased by a “4.0” badge on its hind quarters.

There are plenty of eye-catching interior features, with the headrests of the rear seats resplendent with the initials “S” and “M”, while the gear stick is topped with a wooden shifter.

One commenter on Singer’s Instagram page suggested that the car is in “Yas Marina Circuit colours”.

The California-based company, which was set up by British rock musician Rob Dickinson, has previously completed restorations under the tags of Dubai and Bahrain.

For more pictures of the Abu Dhabi commission, visit www.instagram.com/singervehicledesign; for more information about Singer Vehicle Design, visit www.singervehicledesign.com.


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