Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 23 September 2018

Renault Middle East to give away free cars to Saudi women drivers

The drivers will be awarded a Renault Captur, the company's first urban crossover

Saudi Arabia will allow women to drive from June 2018. AFP
Saudi Arabia will allow women to drive from June 2018. AFP

There was a flood of advertisements welcoming women to the roads following King Abdullah's announcement lifting the ban against women drivers in Saudi Arabia, but one car company has gone further. Renault Middle East is giving away seven new cars to the first seven female divers to present their driving licence to the Renault show room in Saudi.

The drivers will be awarded a Renault Captur, the company's first urban crossover.

Marwan Haidamous, managing director of Renault Middle East, said: “The Renault Captur was the first Renault model to be designed by a gender-balanced team, with almost half the designers being women. Indeed, our entire line-up is well-suited to the female audience and will appeal to Saudi Arabia’s new customer base as they get behind the wheel."

Courtesy Renault
Courtesy Renault

The decision to allow women to drive was announced on September 26 with a royal decree due to go into force on June 24 next year. Government ministries and departments were given 30 days to come up with policies and procedures for the decree's implementation.

The decision, welcomed by Saudi women, has led to congratulations from all over and there are women's driving schools sprouting up around the Kingdom.


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