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My car: Ford Sport Trac

A Ford pickup is only one in a long line of SUVs for the Elvis-loving Kazy Urner.

Kazy Urner has lived in the UAE in for 25 years and has always driven SUVs - but her dream car is an Aston Martin.
Kazy Urner has lived in the UAE in for 25 years and has always driven SUVs - but her dream car is an Aston Martin.

Kazy Urner, a British expat, has lived in Dubai for 25 years but considers herself to be "very blessed to learn to drive in the UK".

"[In my home country] we follow road etiquette, respect and pre-emptive driving, which has come in handy on the roads here," she says.

"The best thing about driving in the UAE is the wide roads but the worst thing is total lack of consideration and arrogance of a majority of road users - and the fact that they get away with it."

Her choice of car - a Ford Sport Trac four-wheel-drive pickup "with tinted windows for the pose" has also been a handy companion on the roads of the UAE.

"I love it, no complaints," she says. "It has always been my dream to have a pickup playing me Elvis music and cruising."

She has always driven SUVs in the Emirates and, when she bought her latest truck, she looked at several different cars before walking into Ford where she "spotted the one straight away".

Urner says the process for buying the car was "pretty much plain sailing" although given that she bought the car post-economic crash, "they wanted to be sure I could fulfill my financial obligations".

Aside from the obligatory tinted windows, Urner adorned her car with another item that may have instilled fear in her fellow motorists: "I was given a seven-foot Indonesian totem with wild hair and a fearsome face and I put it in the back of my truck with the head hanging out," she explains. "But I think it unnerved many car drivers as they seemed a bit fearful of the wild hair and ugly face - I should have driven with it on the Sheikh Zayed Road - maybe would of slowed things down a bit."

Although the totem has been removed from the bed, the pickup is still a powerful presence on the roads and a far cry from the car she first owned in the UK.

"My first car was a beat-up old white Mini," Urner recalls. "It was a great little car, it got me through fog, ice and snow."

"Not automatic," she hastens to add, in a wry nod to the overwhelming trend in the UAE away from manual transmissions.

But Urner really longs for another British brand.

"My dream car is any kind of Aston Martin - all donations gratefully accepted," she says.

Urner is such a one-eyed Aston Martin fan that she can even see the beauty in the Lagonda concept car, an SUV that was unveiled at last year's Geneva Motor Show to a largely shocked crowd.

"I am looking forward to seeing the launch of the new Aston Martin 4x4," she says of the car that is slated for production in 2012 amid much debate among car enthusiasts.

Realistically, she says, when the time comes to replace the Sport Trac, she is going to stick with Ford.

"I am totally sold on Ford," says Urner, adding she has "had great aftercare service.

"My next car will be the Ford F-150 pickup - four doors with all the frills."