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Lamborghini proves unlucky in love for blushing bridegroom

BAILDON, ENGLAND // David Gallucci, a British bridegroom who planned to arrive at his wedding ceremony in a bright yellow Lamborghini Murceliago LP640, crashed the car soon after he picked it up from the rental company. Accompanied by his best man, Warwick French, Gallucci smashed the supercar into a fence, flipping the car and landing in a ditch causing £160,000 (Dh972,500) worth of damage. The church was only a 15 minute journey from the car rental company. The car had been rented for the day by the bride, Abi Pattison-Hart, as a surprise for Gallucci at a cost of £8,000 (Dh48,620), £5,000 (Dh30,400) of which was a deposit to cover insurance. After arriving at the church in a friend's Range Rover, the couple took their vows and Gallucci only told his new wife about the accident after the ceremony.