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Jaguar launches virtual electric car on PlayStation's Gran Turismo

Forget motor shows, the latest construct from the leaping-cat marque will be making its debut in a PlayStation video game

Jaguar has just released details of a futuristic, electric-car concept design, which will be making its debut in a video game.

Ignoring the better-worn path of revealing prototypes at motor shows, the manufacturer's Vision GT Coupe will be appearing on-screen in the Sony PlayStation racer Gran Turismo Sport.

In virtual terms, the new construct will provide gamers with a 0-100kph time of less than two seconds and "perfectly balanced handling", though that's clearly yet to be tested independently in the real world.

The team behind the design apparently had a long, hard look at Jaguar's C-Type and D-Type before coming up with this new, long-nose racer, which, they say, reflects the "perfect proportions and beautiful surfaces" of its ancestors.

The power train is based on the brand's I-Type 4 Formula E and I-Pace eTrophy racing cars though, so there's some evidence that the performance figures the manufacturer is citing may not be totally wide of the mark.

It certainly looks a little more aerodynamic than a flat-bed truck, that's for sure, and you'd turn heads if you turned up at the most exclusive car meet-and-greet in one. Don't expect to see anything similar on the Sheikh Zayed Road any time soon though as there's no word on when something based on the design will be making its debut.

The Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Coupe will be available for players to download from the end of November this year.

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