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Go Gear: Three car keys for keeps

From an easy prank to a dual-purpose gadget, three car keys with a difference.

Video camera key.
Video camera key.

A shocking caper

Pranksters are going to love this device that is cleverly disguised as a car key fob but, in fact, delivers a mild but surprising electric shock. You can picture the situation: asking a friend to retrieve something from your car, or even offering them the chance to take a spin in your new set of wheels. Most friends will gladly help out or be willing to go for a ride until, that is, they become the victim of a prank, which, let's face it, is always the best kind for laughs. Check it out at www.play.com, Dh35.

The key to spying

Another ingenious use of a seemingly innocent car key is that of video recorder. This device uses one of the smallest pinhole cameras known to man so, again, it could be handy when it comes to fooling a friend or whatever your spying intent. No one would have a clue they're being filmed, unless they're also avid go gear readers, of course. It provides HD video and is USB plug and play compatible. So buy one from www.amazon.com for about Dh75 and get recording.

A great find

This isn't exactly a car key but it certainly is a great piece of kit to have alongside your car key. This electronic key finder comes with a slim transmitter so it can fit easily into your wallet. Before, you had to find the usually bulky transmitter before you could find your keys but that is no longer an issue with this credit card-sized finder that has a range of almost 37 metres. When you click the transmitter it will make the key ring beep until you find your keys. www.improvementscatalog.com, Dh92.