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Go Gear: Safety accessories for your car

Being safe in your car means more than buckling up. Here are three great accessories to take along on your next journey.

Anti Sleep Pilot.
Anti Sleep Pilot.

Don't lose sleep over safety

Car safety has come a long way in a short space of time but in addition to the array of technologies installed by manufacturers, there's also a few safety gizmos that can help save lives. Such as the Anti Sleep Pilot, a little device that sits on your dash and cleverly monitors your fatigue levels and alerts you if you're falling asleep.

antisleeppilot.com. Dh661.


A real belter

Even though you're now not going to fall asleep at the wheel, accidents still do happen. That's where the CG Lock comes in. It's a seat belt add-on that locks your belt tight and acts like a harness to improve safety, posture, vehicle control, comfort, off-roading performance and even your track lap times.

cg-lock.co.uk. Dh292.


Make sure you're kitted out

No one wants to be in that broken-down car on the hard shoulder of the motorway or even be involved in a smash, but it's still smart to be prepared. And you can't be more prepared than if you've got a Rolson Car Emergency Kit in your boot. Wrench, jump leads, air compressor, safety vest, tow rope; it's got it all.

amazon.co.uk. Dh175.