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Go Gear: Retro American gas station paraphernalia

Thee of our favourite items from gas stations of the past.

Shell retro gas pump.
Shell retro gas pump.

Americana cool

There's something timelessly cool about American gas stations circa 1940s to 1960s. The style of items that date from that time and place are quintessentially Americana, and none more so than this antique Shell gas pump that also doubles as a clock and light, via the illuminated glass globe. For more information visit pedalcareexpress.com. Dh920.

Sign of the times

And to show that Motoring is not biased towards any particular petrol supplier - and because it's a striking design very much of its time - we've got this Texaco filling station sign that would easily adorn the wall of a stylish bachelor pad. It only costs Dh45 and there's also loads more interesting stuff at the appropriately named retroplanet.com.

Spend on vend

And, of course, no yesteryear American gas station would be complete without the obligatory Coca-Cola machine in the corner, just waiting on some Fonz-like character to bump a bottle of coke from it for a shy and retiring girl. Imagine having one in your home? Brilliant. And you can get one, a Vendo V-39, from colamachines.com for about Dh7,720.