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Go Gear: Relax at home by the light of the road

These lights are a great way to illuminate a room with motoring-inspired class.

Intake vanity lights, www.carguygarage.com, Dh378.
Intake vanity lights, www.carguygarage.com, Dh378.

Get a handle on this lamp

It would be hard to stop yourself from holding onto the handlebars of this Lambretta lamp and making putt-putt noises; well, it would be for us. This light fixture is made with a fully restored and original scooter part by Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi at his studio in Milan; can you get more Italian?

Available from www.lamponislamps.com, prices on request.


An electric shock

Displaying the beauty of otherwise ordinary mechanical parts, these lamps from Classified Moto Lamp feature spares salvaged from Japanese motorcycles of the Seventies and Eighties. This one incorporates a spring/shock welded to a transmission gear, in turn welded to a brake disc.

Available from www.classifiedmoto.bigcartel.com for Dh694.


Uplifting set of lights

These vanity lights are made in the form of a racing car's intake rampipes assembly, which, along with the base, are made from stainless steel. A suggestion from the Motoring department: make sure you talk with your spouse before going ahead and installing these above the bathroom mirror.

Available from www.carguygarage.com for Dh378.