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Go Gear: Personalise your interior with these funky car danglers

Your rearview mirror can reflect your personality with these fun accessories.

Puzzling accessory

It had everyone in the world dumbstruck at how to figure it out in the eighties, and now you will have people puzzled as to why they're dangling from your rearview mirror. But, whatever the reaction, it's hard to deny that a pair of Rubik's Cube danglers in your car will turn heads with their geek chic.

Available at ThinkGeek.


Fresh idea

Air fresheners are hardly dazzling car accessories, but Ali Air Freshener aims to change that. On this website you can customise the fresheners with your name, type of car and even the scent, among other options. As you can see, go gear matched our dangler with the Ferarri F430 sat outside (we wish!).

Visit www.aliairfreshener.co.uk.


A sight for sore eyes

Okay, so this isn't technically a dangler, but it is probably one of the most hilarious toys you could stick to your windscreen, or even the back of your rearview mirror. These battery-powered cartoon eyes blink at random intervals and will have people doing double takes.

Check them out at www.firebox.com.