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Go Gear: Must-read motoring books

Three manuals that will give you a thorough understanding of motoring.

Top Gear: Supercars.
Top Gear: Supercars.

History repeated

So it's getting really hot and, whether you're poolside or keeping cool indoors, it's a good time to get out a book. First, let's swat up on automotive history with this: Art of the Automobile: The 100 Greatest Cars. This hardback is a whirlwind tour through more than 100 years of cars, written by automotive historian Dennis Adler. A must-read. Dh122. www.bn.com.

Fastest way to enjoyment

OK, so we know some history and a bit about DIY maintenance - let's now enjoy looking at them. And what better way to do that than finding out about them in Top Gear Supercars: The World's Fastest Cars? This hardback details the most exciting supercars in the world with great images and info. Perfect for the coffee table. Dh90. www.topgear.com.

Turn the page on DIY

And now we have a bit of background, why not take our understanding further and learn the basics of actually fixing our cars with Auto Repair for Dummies? We all rue not having that knowledge in our possession when things go wrong with our cars, but this book will teach you how to do DIY jobs, saving money in the process. Dh55. www.amazon.com.