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Go Gear: Model cars put to use as computer mice

An Infiniti Essence concept, a Ford Mustang and an original Volkswagen Beetle – all as computer mice.

The Infinity Essence concept mouse.
The Infinity Essence concept mouse.

Infinite pleasure

It is Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story movies who says: "To infinity and beyond!" But, after seeing this wireless Infiniti mouse, you'll probably stop at Infiniti and not bother going beyond. This mouse is based on Infiniti's sumptuous Essence concept car and is lovingly crafted by Topfind Design, which specialises in creating mice in the shape of cars. The mouse can be used wirelessly up to 12 metres away from a computer and will set you back Dh40.

Visit www.wireless-car-mouse.com for more information.


A mouse with horsepower

With this Ford Mustang mouse, you'll no longer be surfing the internet, more cruising it in style. This American muscle car is everywhere on the roads of the UAE so there's no reason why it wouldn't be a popular addition to a study or computer room. This red 'Stang connects to either a Mac or PC using a USB port and has real, functioning headlights that will keep you entertained for hou... well, maybe a few seconds!

Check it out at www.carmouse.com. Dh165, plus shipping.


Just the click

Ergonomically designed for comfort (it's a shame Volkswagen didn't do this with the actual Beetle), this grey classic car features white and chrome wheels, LED headlights as well as red tail lights. It's an officially licensed product so the detail is incredible and, apparently, it's also an optical 800dpi mouse, which, when relying on Motoring's intrinsic knowledge of all things computery, means it's really good.

You'll find this little gem on www.caagis.com priced at about Dh150, plus shipping.

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