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Go Gear: Key storage

Keep your keys safe at home or on the move.

Car Guy Garage key rack.
Car Guy Garage key rack.

Hanging tough

The easiest way to save yourself from frantically looking down the backs of sofas or through drawers throwing clothes everywhere is to have a place where you always put your keys when you get back from driving. This key rack is made out of diamond plate, which is a popular fixture with garage cabinets and a material that will never rust, rot or degrade. Above the rack is space for sunglasses or wallets. Available from www.carguygarage.com for Dh134.

Magnetic safety

This case is equipped with a powerful magnet that keeps key storage in place, so you will always have a spare handy if you lose your set. For extra safety the Locking Stor-A-Key TM key case has a resettable combination, with 1,000 possible options. Inside a foam insert keeps the key from rattling. It can be attached using the magnet or adhesive metal plate, and is equipped with an anchor point for strap or cable tie. Available from www.amazon.com for Dh32.

Hitch in time saves ... your keys

The HitchSafe Key Vault is designed to store up to nine spare keys, credit cards and driver's licence, ideal if you do want to leave your valuables on view while you surf, off-road bike or dune bash. It features a solid metal construction, which is secured inside the hitch receiver with a drawer that lets you set various combinations. This Key Vault includes a dust cover and is apparently easy to install. Available from www.ultrarev.com for Dh215.