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Go Gear: keep the driving spirit even behind your desk

Keep the workday rolling with these three motoring-inspired office supplies.

Aventador pen, Dh5,900. www.omas.com
Aventador pen, Dh5,900. www.omas.com

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Lamborghini's new Aventador is a beautiful piece of machinery with striking straight lines and a menacing stance but, unfortunately, its price tag make it just slightly out of reach for most. Not to worry though as if it's straight lines you're after, you can draw them with this limited edition Lamborghini Aventador pen by Italian pen-maker Omas. This official product is like a mini tribute to the car and can be yours for about Dh5,900. www.omas.com


Attractive stationery set

Now that you've acquired your Aventador pen, you'll be looking for somewhere to put it around the office. Look no further than this novel little stationery set. It's got somewhere to put your prized pen, it houses adhesive tape, for all your sticking needs, and - this is the best bit - it's magnetised, so you can keep paper clips, flash drives or whatever else you can think of attached to its side. Genius. Check it out at corporate-gifts-co.com. Dh200.


A weight off your shoulders

Of course, not everything is going to stick to the side of a magnetised stationery set so, step forward Ferrari with this Prancing Horse paperweight that has been beautifully hand-crafted in Italy. The 15cm by 11cm weight is in the shape of Ferrari's famous horse logo that was adopted by Enzo Ferrari after he learnt about a fallen Italian First World War hero who painted a horse on the side of his planes. Visit store.ferrari.com. Dh630.