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Go Gear: Handy equipment for camping in the UAE desert

Roughing it doesn't mean eating cold food and sleeping in the open air. Eat well and keep sheltered from heat and cold with the right equipment.

The car-top tent.
The car-top tent.

Rear-ly great storage

Hitting the open road on a camping trip this winter demands a lot of planning, as well as plenty of equipment, and if your car is already bursting with children and bags, the PackRight cargo saddlebag is a great device to have around. It stores 14 cubic feet of gear (about a medium boot space) and is suspended from your vehicle's roof rack. As it hangs at the back it produces no drag. Check it out at www.camping-gear-outlet.com. Dh515.


Tip-top tent

Okay, so we're all familiar with the sight of a tent sitting alongside a 4x4, but the tent sitting ON TOP of the vehicle? Surely there must be some kind of mistake? Apparently not. And, when you think about it, this camping idea developed in Africa during safaris actually makes sense. You're sleeping above all the desert creatures, it can go anywhere your car can go and it's easy to assemble. Prices start at Dh3,150. Visit www.cartopcamper.com.


Heat your treats

Camping out in the desert of the UAE can be draining work, so when the hunger starts to kick in, you'd be foolish not to have one of these portable stoves with you. The RoadPro stove plugs into the cigarette lighter socket in your car and heats pre-cooked food to 300ºC (even hotter than a UAE summer). It's perfect for stews, beans, chops, rice dishes and much more. Sold on Amazon.com, this handy device will set you back around Dh110, plus shipping.