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Go Gear: Handy car gadgets to use with your iPhone

Need a charge, want to diagnose your car problems or listen to music without fear of damaging your iPod or iPhone? There's a gadget for that.

This music dock for the car is solid.
This music dock for the car is solid.

Power tool

Always on the move? Need to stay in touch at all times? Don't need your phone battery to die on you while out? Your prayers have been answered with this gear4 RoadTour Dual Charge. This device plugs into the cigarette lighter and charges iPhones, iPods and all manner of USB devices. Never will you be out of the loop again. www.gear4.com (Dh120)


Diagnosis? It's a great gadget

Now this little gadget is a must for drivers. Connect the GL1 Vehicle Diagnostics to your car and iPhone and it will display all manner of information from your car's computer with the help of several excellent apps. It will give you details on your fuel consumption and even diagnose engine problems. Check it out at www.thinkgeek.com (Dh370)


Unflappable Flipdown

So you've connected your iPhone or iPod to the car radio; problem is, where can you put it where it's not going to bounce about the car? That's where the Flipdown iPhone car stereo dock comes in. It allows you to dock your iPhone securely on the dash while you listen to internet radio or whatever you like. Visit www.geeky-gadgets.com (Dh370)