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Go Gear: Furniture for the home that invokes the driving spirit

Three wacky Motoring-themed chairs that retain their automotive styling.

Porsche chair.
Porsche chair.

Going nowhere fast

No one will dispute that the Porsche 917 is a classic race car - and not only because it was in Steve McQueen's Le Mans. It was chosen for the film because it was already a living legend, having won 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1970 and 1971. It's not every day you get the chance to sit in a winning race car, let alone when it's in your own living room, but the clever makers of this chair allow you to do just that in comfort and style. Essential for bachelor pads. www.inspired-design-uk.com.

Time to chill

If the 917 is a bit too fast for you, then this Chevrolet chair and ottoman will take you back a decade or so before the Porsche to a more relaxed time. The 1950s are very much in vogue again and imagine how cool it would be to while away a few hours in this Chevy listening to Carl Perkins or Bobby Rydell on the record player. Not only is it a good place to chill, its timeless styling makes this chair certain to fit into a contemporary home; well, some homes, at least. Check it out at www.popartdecoration.com.

Strap yourself in

Of course, an office chair is a different proposition. It's not about relaxation, it's about getting work done, so it should be upright, attentive and ready for action - the same needs a race car driver has. This black and red Misano race seat will have you in top productive mode, with its sleek look and orthopaedic features, such as its "reactive foam" that moulds itself to your body. It may not be a race car but it's sure to get you working fast; seat belts not included. Visit www.rallyofficechairs.com.