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Go Gear: For the motoring dog

Our four-legged friends can also become devoted petrolheads, if they get given the right gift.

Good Boy toys, amazon.co.uk, Dh47.
Good Boy toys, amazon.co.uk, Dh47.

Pop on the collar

Dogs can like cars, although there aren't too many models named after the canine species. But this collar can make your pooch feel like a petrolhead, with its Mustang pony logo and a miniature seat belt buckle. The collar is made from sturdy nylon and is 2.5cm wide, and can be adjusted from 23cm to 38cm long.

Available from www.carguygarage.com for Dh69.


Trouble and squeak

A good toy to keep the pup occupied on a car journey, although the squeaking might drive you slightly insane. The Good Boy toys are available from amazon.co.uk, but it cannot guarantee whether the order will be orange, blue or pink, so hopefully your pooch is not too fussy about the colour of toy it plays with. But it should make your dog a happy camper.

Available for Dh47.


For a fast nap

It is quite easy to see which marque was the inspiration for this Furrari bed. Available in the famous red of the sports cars, hopefully this bed will help pups go to sleep quickly. Of course, with no V12 engine, the only sound you'll hear from the Furrari is from your pooch snoring. The covers unzip for easy cleaning.

Available from www.pawprintsshop.com for Dh991.