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Go Gear: food on the go

Prepare a meal on the move with these in-car food and drink makers.

In-car kettle
In-car kettle

Wave hello to cooking on the move

Have hot food on the go with this portable microwave. As the makers, WaveBox, say: "Have Kitchen. Will Travel". Made with a reinforced ABS casing, the microwave also comes with a handle and no-slip rubberised legs to make it easier to carry around. The AC cord and extra-long DC cables give you the option to power the WaveBox with a 12-volt battery or in-vehicle power outlet. The design has a retro feel, and comes in either pearl, cherry, cobalt and midnight. Available from www.thewavebox.com for Dh1,065.

Keep cool, and warm, while you drive

The Black & Decker thermoelectric travel cooler can be used to keep drinks and food cold and fresh for picnics and desert adventures, or crank up the heat and keep the takeaway warm on the way home. The sleek, compact designs means it can either fit on the seat or in the footwell. It has a nine-litre capacity for food and drinks, with two drinks holders and a zippered pouch for extra storage. Comes with a carry strap to carry the cool box down to the beach. Available from www.amazon.co.uk for Dh366.

Putting the kettle on, on the go

Coffee or tea can be questionable at best from some service stations and cafes, so if you are particular about your hot beverage, a kettle in the car could be the perfect solution. It has the capacity to make four cups of hot drinks (so you can make beverages for your fellow carpoolers), and can also be used as a baby food warmer. In the kettle's handle, a fork and spoon are stored away, and in the kit are two drinking cups and a strainer. Available from www.toys4cars.co.uk for Dh98.