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Go Gear: don't let the dark slow you down

Lights are a vital part of a tool kit. Here are three illuminating gadgets.

The unit uses 18 bright LEDs in the main body.
The unit uses 18 bright LEDs in the main body.

Lightening the work load

This handy light set is great to illuminate under the bonnet and keep your hands free - to save from resorting to gripping a torch between your teeth - as you work on the engine. The unit uses 18 bright LEDs in the main body, which can be magnetically attached to metal surfaces or clamped into place. There are two flexible arms from the main body, a three-LED task light is at the end of one for focused lighting, and at the end of the other is a magnetic tray that holds loose hardware - to prevent it from falling into the sand to never be found again. Available from Ace Hardware for Dh450.


KC and the Daylighter band

Off roading in the dark can be, well, too dark for some vehicles. These KC Daylighter driving lights can add extra illumination. The 15cm diameter, long-range lights are equipped with 130W halogen bulbs. The rugged features include a "competition-proven flexible base and bulb mounting system". Included in the kit are two smiley-faced covers to use during the daytime. The lights come with a 23-year limited warranty. Available for Dh600 from the showroom of Advanced Expedition Vehicles on Sheikh Zayed Road, www.aev.ae or telephone 04 330 7152.


Bright lights, big torch

If you are lost in the desert and need a torch to signal to others, what would be better than the world's "brightest and most powerful flashlight" - it is currently being tested by Guinness World Records to officially hold the accolade. The torch is fitted with a heat-resistant lens and the casing is made of military-grade aluminium; just as well, as it gets very hot. So hot, in fact, that the manufacturers claim that the torch can burn paper, cook eggs and toast marshmallows, ideal if the rescue vehicle is taking its time and you are feeling peckish. Available from www.wickedlasers.com for Dh735.