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Go Gear: Cufflinks that rev up your ensemble

Petrolheads can play their passion close to the vest with three of Motoring's favourite cufflinks.

The six-speed links are nicely finished.
The six-speed links are nicely finished.

Stick with this duo

So you've got a six-gear car and you're not ashamed to say it but, better still, why don't you wear it? These six-speeder T-bar cufflinks have a nice metallic finish and a mahogany face but, best of all, the gearstick on the face moves from first through to sixth with ease. Check them out at www.londoncufflinks.co.uk. Dh90.


Cufflinks that will stop traffic

Do you ever feel like you wish you could just stop traffic whenever you wanted? Well, these cufflinks won't help with traffic, as such, but you could certainly give it a try with human traffic. In fact, maybe that's a bad idea too! But, never mind, they're still an eye-catching set of links. Find them online at www.1stchoicecufflinks.com for around Dh90.


Gauge the reaction to this pair

Okay, so the cufflinks here are all about the novelty value but this pair almost have a classier appeal. They are made from chrome and feature a petrol gauge and speedometer. Unfortunately, they're not technology-driven and linked remotely to your actual gauges but, for Dh65, you can't complain. Buy them at www.cufflinksworld.com.