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Go Gear: Clocks made from tyres

If only rubber made time more flexible. Nonetheless, here are Motoring's three favourite tyre clocks.

Chevy Bel Air clock.
Chevy Bel Air clock.

Never tyre of a Bel Air

Petrolheads, like anyone else, need to know the time. And household walls need to be populated with stuff (so the better half says, anyway). So when you combine these seemingly unrelated facts you come up with a car-themed wall clock or, more specifically, a tyre clock. This Chevy Bel Air clock is a shining example of retro cool, for only Dh110. amazon.com.

Light up your living room

However, if a 1950s classic doesn't fit into your home design then maybe this more modern neon tyre clock will. The sporty alloy pattern is offset with the bright neon light, which in turn makes the red second hand stand out. And the detail is such that it even has a brake disc and calliper behind the alloy. Check it out at amazon.com. Dh161.

Wheely cute

And if that better half doesn't quite agree that your living room wall would look so much better with a tyre on it, then you can go for the safer desktop version, which comes in both analogue and digital. These little timepieces cost only Dh25 and, we never thought we'd say this about tyres, but they almost look cute! Log onto red5.co.uk to purchase.