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Go Gear: Cars have their uses even after they are no longer road-worthy

When a car dies it is a sad day, but all manner of parts can be used again and not just in motoring, but also in helpful accessories such as these.

Seatbeltbags wallet.
Seatbeltbags wallet.

Tread carefully

Splaff was started in 1997 by a man in his garage with an old racing tyre, a bicycle inner tube and hemp fabric after a surfing trip to Mexico and seeing recycled tyre bottoms on used sandals ther . All the products from the company - including sandals, belts and bags - are handmade in the US, with 90 per cent of all material used in the products environmentally conscious.

These flip-flops come in either men's or women's sizes, natural or black, and are available from www.splaff.com for Dh169.


Belt up the bucks

While Dana and Melanie Harvey, from California, were restoring a 1950s Buick in 1997, Dana decided to use the seatbelts to make a bag for his wife. This led to orders from friends and growing demand saw the Buick sold and production start in the garage. This wallet (Dh176) made from a seatbelt, part of the Men's Black Label collection, has an ID pocket and three credit card slots. Harveys also has a collection of handbags, weekend bags and a vast array of accessories.

Available from www.seatbeltbags.com


Bounce along with this rubber bag

These handmade rubber bags are made in India from "reused/recycled/already been used/wicked truck inner tubes and seatbelt straps that have been stitched together". The messenger sleeve style has no closure, so best be careful when setting the bag down. The company, PKG, only have 200, so you have to be quick to acquire one for yourself. They come in two sizes; for a 13" laptop or a 16" laptop.

Available from www.nice-pkg.com for Dh290 for the smaller, Dh326 for the larger.