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Go Gear: Cars for Kids

Faithful reproductions of popular cars for very young drivers.

Pocket E-Type Jaguar
Pocket E-Type Jaguar

Mini adventures

A Mini for the little ones. This convertible pedal car is a faithful reproduction of the iconic, cute, small car. It comes with a sticker set to add, if possible, a bit more personality to the vehicle. An electric version is also available, but with the pedal car the kid will not only look cool but stay fit. The vehicle is just under one metre in length and 62cm wide and has a top speed dependant on how fast their little legs will go ... or how steep the hill they are racing down. Available from the Mini shop at shop.bmwgroup.com for Dh908.

Supercar for only the super kids

Most of us dreamt of owning a Lamborghini from an early age, but now children can be driving one from as young as three ... kids have it so much better these days! This Gallardo LP560 pedal car is made in Italy under licence from Lamborghini and designed in conjunction with its engineers. The car is suitable for kids between three and six, with maximum height and weight being 100cm and 30kg. Other models available include a Ferrari and Mercedes. The car comes almost fully assembled. Available from www.newcooltoysonline.com for Dh1,212.

The right type of first car

Pocket Classics makes miniature classic models, such as this beautiful E-Type. The half-size version, with working lights, indicators and horn, come with option of a petrol 110cc four-stroke, air-cooled engine with a top speed of 75kph (which can be limited), or an electric version with a top speed of 23kph. The company also makes a miniature Porsche Speedster and Mercedes 300 SL, as well as a Jeep big enough for two adults and can top 70kph. The electric E-type is available from www.pocketclassics.co.uk for Dh58,000.