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Go Gear: car parts transformed into tables with attitude

Cars become fodder for interior designers with three household tables made from a tyre, an engine and a bonnet.

Tyre table.
Tyre table.

Burnin' rubber

Last week's Go Gear covered chairs, so it's only right we get a look at the crazy car tables out there as well. This first offering harkens back to the hot rods of the 1950s and '60s with a chunky white-wall tyre under glass. Handcrafted in Chadwick, Illinois, this is a classic piece of Americana.

Find it at www.sweetsofas.com; remember to keep it properly inflated.


Mechanical wonder

If you're more appreciative of the mechanics of motoring then you can't go wrong with this coffee table. Custom-made by craftsman Marc Konys, the glass top is in the shape of the Porsche badge, which adorns the top of the flat-six engine.

Ohio-based Marc can create all manner of furniture in glass; see more of his creations at www.marckonys.com.


Scrap, reinvented

This table goes to show that even when a car is scrapped, it can be put to good use. The skilled people at www.weldhouse.com take a used car bonnet, flatten it out and create tables, as well as mailboxes, bed frames and other works of art. In fact, the older and rustier a bonnet is often makes for a funkier design; this particular table top is from an old Cadillac.