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Go Gear: Alternative modes of transport

Getting around without a car doesn't necessarily mean relying on mass transit. Here are three interesting alternatives to the automobile.

The Segway PT.
The Segway PT.

You'll never get board

Here at Motoring, we all love our cars, but there are some other novel means of motorised transportation that could be fun now that the cooler winter months are upon us. Transport such as this four-wheeled friend - the Big Foot Off Roader electric skateboard, which is operated using a wireless remote control. You'll beat the traffic and won't have to worry about parking. Check it out at www.electricskateboards.co.uk. Dh2,730.


Balancing act

The philanthropic British boss of Segway died last year after reversing one of his own scooters over the edge of a cliff, but there's nothing unsafe about them, really. The Segway PT uses electric batteries to propel its users at up to 20kph. Leaning forward makes you go forward; leaning back makes you go, yep, you guessed it, back; and there's a handlebar for steering. Try it out - even some US police forces love them. www.segway.com. From Dh22,000.


Pedal power

Although it's getting cooler, it can still be a little too hot for a gruelling bicycle ride, and that's where this handy, dual-powered bike comes in. Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric e Bike may be a mouthful but its electric motor thrusting you forward at up to 24kph will have you salivating. You can pedal, with or without the assistance of the motor, or just relax and let the bike power itself. Visit www.amazon.co.uk. Dh2,950.

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