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Go Gear: A themed umbrella will keep your cool, rain or sun

Keep dry, or out of the sun, with these motoring-inspired umbrellas.

Mini Pop Umbrella, www.mini-me.com, Dh235.
Mini Pop Umbrella, www.mini-me.com, Dh235.

Moist Minis

The combination of the Mini and the colourful screen-print pattern evoke memories of 1960s Britain, and something else that springs to mind when thinking of the UK is rain. This umbrella is a colourful way to keep the rain, or the sun, off.

Available from www.mini-me.com for Dh235.


Protect your gear

Has anyone else pretended that an umbrella was the gearstick to a fantastic sports car? No, just us. Well, anyway, this umbrella makes the day dreaming of cruising around Tuscany in a Ferrari Enzo that bit easier with its gearstick-style handle.

Available from autoregalia.co.uk for Dh93.


Licence to stay dry

If James Bond was caught in the rain, then perhaps he would opt for this Tumi umbrella. Unfortunately for us, there are no hidden laser beams, nor does it double as a grappling hook; it's just a plain old umbrella with Aston Martin and 007 logos.

Available from www.astonmartin.com for Dh293.


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