x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

GM developing head-up technology with lasers

MICHIGAN // General Motors introduced the head-up display in 1988, and a number of car manufacturers followed suit. Now they are looking to take the technology to the next level and expand it to the whole windscreen. "We're looking to create enhanced vision systems," says Thomas Seder, group laboratory manager-GM R&D. "Let's say you're driving in fog, we could use the vehicle's infrared cameras to identify where the edge of the road is and the lasers could 'paint' the edge of the road onto the windshield so the driver knows where the edge of the road is."

General Motors R&D and several universities are working on a system that would use data gathered from an array of vehicle sensors and cameras and project images generated by compact ultra violet lasers directly onto the entire surface of the windscreen.