x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 27 July 2017

European Union delays introducing tyre laws until 2012

STRASBOURG, FRANCE // The European Union has passed legislation to encourage consumers to buy eco-friendly tyres but it will not come into effect until 2012. A tyre labelling system will become mandatory with the greenest tyres labelled with a green "A" and the worst performers receiving a red "G". The criteria for classifying the tyres will be based on a number of factors including low noise, fuel efficiency and safety. Under the scheme, tyre manufacturers will have to attach the classification information to the tyre or make paper documents available to give to consumers at the point of sale. The EU executive predicts that this legislation could produce a carbon dioxide emissions reduction of between 1.5 million and four million tonnes a year. While Green party members of the EU parliament welcome the legislation, they are also calling for stricter emissions standards across the continent.