x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Concept GTR9-R to challenge Shelby for fastest car crown

DORTMUND, GERMANY // 9ff, a German coachbuilder and tuner, has released details of its Porsche 911-based Concept GT9-R supercar. The tuners claim the GT9-R, which reskins an ordinary 911 with a more aerodynamic body and repositions the tuned 4.0L Boxer engine into the middle of the vehicle, will be able to reach a record-breaking top speed of 414kph. To put this number into context, the Bugatti Veyron is reported to be capable of achieving 408kph, while the Shelby SuperCars Ultimate Aero holds the record for the "world's fastest production car", having attained a verified top speed of 412.28kph in September 2007. Not surprisingly, the numbers associated with the GT9-R are simply incredible: in top specification, its 1,120hp engine is capable of reaching 300kph in less than 16 seconds. 9ff plans to make just 20 examples of this super-quick supercar.