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Can a colour define cars for an entire year?

Apparently it can, according to coatings company Axalta – and for 2019, that colour is 'Sahara'

'Sahara' is the automotive colour of the year for 2019, according to Axalta
'Sahara' is the automotive colour of the year for 2019, according to Axalta

Gold. It seems to embellish everything in the UAE, from fish and steak to coffee. And you can expect to see the shade a whole lot more this year on cars across the Emirates if the newly announced “automotive colour of the year” is any reliable indication.

While Pantone recommends you take your fashion and design cues from Living Coral, its shade of the year 2019, coatings company Axalta gives us Sahara, a golden-bronze invention, which it says will bring “warmth, luxury and ruggedness for auto designers and car customisers”.

There is good news for fans of garish dual paint jobs, too, because Axalta says that Sahara can perfectly “serve as the principal colour for two-tone possibilities, including black roofs”.

Axalta data from 2018 suggests that yellow/gold vehicles are most popular in India and China, while brown/beige vehicles have increased in North America more than any other region. No data was available for the Middle East, however.

Colours of the year have long been a staple of the interior-design industry, and Axalta's automotive equivalent is attempting to establish itself in a similar fashion, with this the fifth year that it has selected a shade meant to define the following 12 months.

Its previous automotive colours of the years were Radiant Red (2015), Brilliant Blue (2016), Gallant Grey (2017) and last year's non-alliterative StarLite.

Axalta launched Sahara at the North American International Motor Show, which is running in Detroit until January 27.


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